Environmental Policy

We create our products and activities while promoting conservation of the global environment with our business operations.

The Aiphone Group aspires to be an enterprise capable of making contributions to society by using communication and security technologies, conducting our activities as follows:

  • We will strive to minimise environmental loads to conserve the global environment in our activities of developing, producing, selling, and servicing our products.
  • We will make our goals and objectives clear in our business activities, continuously evaluating the following items and thus improving them:
    • We will aim to become a recycling society and make efforts to promote the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) and minimise waste.
    • We will not use harmful substances that cause environmental contamination.
    • We will strive to conserve energy to prevent global warming.
    • We will conform to the environment-related laws, regulations, and conventions while establishing voluntary standards to conserve the environment.
  • Placing great value on communication, we will promote the manufacture of products friendly to both humans and the environment.
  • We will conduct environmental audits in an effort to maintain and improve our environment management system.
  • We will make our environmental policy thoroughly known to our employees and all those who work together with us.
  • We will publicise this environmental policy to the general public.